Thursday, April 21, 2005


Well say what you want you have to admit Martin read a great speech off the teleprompter. And since it was not live, I must ask how many takes did it take?

In seriousness though what we saw it was a good speech. He outlined what he has done to correct the problem, find the answers and took some responsibility. It was a good move and a good speech and put it to the opposition when he committed to calling an election right after Gomery reports. Overall I was proud of the speech; it was a little humility from a man who has shown none. He made a case that you cannot disagree with about why we should wait before an election.

Stephen Harper’s prepared statement afterwards started very badly as it seemed he had expected Martin to declare his innocent and declare that the opposition parties were holding the government hostage. But after the first minute or so he laid out a very effective case and spoke very well about the issue. His speech set out there conservative opinion of hypocrisy of the Liberals. He hit back hard.

Gilles Duceppe speech what would be expected. He is an effective speaker in french and has a way of connecting with the audience. But in reality the Bloc support is already as high as it will be and if we have an election now or in six months they will make as much seat gains as they can.

The joker, Jack Layton came out and only started touching on the speech and the sponsorship scandal half way through. Does anyone take this guy seriously anymore? He has no power in parliament, his demands mean nothing. Chuck Cadman, David Kilgour and Carolyn Parrish, the three independent members have more power in parliament then the entire NDP caucus. Layton’s speech came off more then anything as a cheap campaign stump speech.

So should we wait for Gomery or not? Polls so far say Canadians overwhelming say yes we should wait, but that is misleading since the educated answer is to say that. I believe that if an election is called in the spring Canadians will forget very quickly about their anger towards the Tories for forcing an election and will punish the Liberals. It is also important to note that what is coming up with Gomery in the final month of testimony. Besides more ad executive testimony the forensic auditors testify and we will get a detailed idea of where the money came from, where it went and where it is now.

In all Martin was up against some huge expectations and I think he met them. Question is how the non-partisan player in all of this react, how will Canadians judge the speech.

Did this change anything? I don’t know, I think that undecided, fence sitters on this issue will agree with the Prime Minister argument. But I do not think this will change very much.

Was it a commercial for the Liberals (paid for by the taxpayers through CBC)? Were the opposition parties in their responses just as partisan and political? Is Paul Martin buying for time? Do the opposition smell blood? Is Paul Martin a hypocrite? Is Steven Harper one too? The answer to all those questions is a giant yes. Will we see an election in the spring? Canadians will say no, but the ‘game’ of politics says yes.


  • At 8:01 PM, Blogger Jason Cherniak said…

    Ontarian punished Peterson for an early spring election. Remember that many voters don't really think about it until they mark the x, and they might only be annoyed to be standing there whether the campaign is 2 days or 3 months.


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