Friday, April 08, 2005

Export Lou Dobbs

Dear CNN,
May I ask you why you have allowed the show Lou Dobbs Money Line, sorry I now mean Lou Dobbs Tonight to turn into a one hour rant. Personally I don’t tune into the show to hear why the United States is going down the gutter with illegal aliens stealing hard earning Americans jobs and how exporting jobs is killing the American economy. Forget all the both rational and economic reasons behind why movement of jobs out of country to cheaper labour markets isn’t a bad thing at all but let's talk about a neat concept, objective journalism.

I know in this day and age of Fox News where people seem to rather hear partisan views then objective viewpoint but CNN I thought was above all this. The theme of the show has changed from a friendly anchor discussing the economy and market news of the day to a platform for Lou to sell his new book, Exporting America. I though journalists were suppose to be at heard, objective or was that just a dream I had?

Thanks for folding like a deck a cards to the new definition of news.


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