Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Game of Politics

Parker Brothers Canada Presents….Canadian Minority Politics

Players: 4

The object of the game differs depending on what party you play. If you are the Liberals then your goal is try to stave off an election until after Gomery releases his report (November) at all costs. If you are the Conservatives then your goal is to have an election as soon as possible but without making it look like you are working with the Bloc. If you play as the Bloc Quebecois, your goal is to revive separatism and have an election as soon as possible. If you want to play the role of Jack Layton and the NDP, pretend you have power and play all sides.

So far the game has been very interesting indeed. The Tories made the first move by planning to present an opposition day motion affirming a relative normality that opposition days are to be held once a week. This would allow them to make sure they could control when to call an election. The Liberals made the next move by canceling the Tories opposition days when they got wind of the motion to be proposed and have not stated when they would resume.

But the Conservatives would not just go away, on their next move they went to the Committee on House Procedure and proposed a motion. It stated that the government must schedule an opposition day for at the latest May 19th and that any motion proposed would be voted on that same day.

The Liberals led by Whip Karen Redman tried to filibuster the meeting for up to three hours but the Tories and the opposition led committee voted in favor of the motion. It will be now sent to the full house where it sure to pass.

But the Liberals would not be done; they swung back hard and announced that Prime Minister Martin would address the country in primetime. This allows Martin a chance to directly appeal to Canadians. What will the opposition next move be?

And you wonder why they call politics a game….


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