Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Go Away Both of You

Alfonzo Gagliano, our finest Ambassador to the land of Lego and the best Public Works minister this country has ever had, has stated the Prime Minister Martin will be responsible for the break up of this country. Although I do not believe that this will happen, sovereignty in Quebec is on the rise thanks to you sir and the Charest government in Quebec. Alfonzo is also suing the government for wrongful dismissal, personal damages and lost wages. I really have little to say that hasn’t been said before but even if Gagliano is innocent and did not know anything even though he was the Minister of PWGS and Chrétien’s Quebec Lieutenant. Then he is possibly the most incompetent elected Member of Parliament ever. My message to Alfonzo, shut up.

The second is President Bush’s nominate for Ambassador to the United Nations, John “kiss up, kick down” Bolton. For a man who has publicly stated his distain for an institution I respect (and yes I know of its massive security failure and corruption), to see a man such as that be the representative of the most powerful country in the world makes me sick. Thankfully two republicans on the Senate Foreign Relations committee are holding up the nomination because of these concerns and others. For the sake of internationally diplomacy and multilateralism let us pray that he does not get confirmed.

Independent M.P Watch: Chuck Cadman, has changed his mind and will vote with the Conservatives on any Vote of Non-confidence (With Gov: Parrish, With Opp:Kilgour, Cadman)


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