Monday, April 25, 2005

Interesting Readings

I hate people who just post links but today there are a bunch of full length articles and speeches that I believe everyone should read.

The first is an op-ed piece printed in the Toronto Star and Calgary Herald this past month by Duff Conacher from Democracy Watch. He argues that the problem is the system and an election will not solve the overarching problem.

The second is from President Vladimir Putin who gave earlier today a speech to the country in the Russian version of the ‘State of the Union” address. It is very interesting and I am trying to find a full English translation but here is the BBC experts.

The last link is from Paul Martin speech to the Liberal Party convention pack in November of 2004 when he was elected. It was his first speech as Liberal leader and the speech was powerful, passionate and was full of hope. Kind of funny to look back now and read it, eh?


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