Sunday, April 24, 2005

Jack and Paul, Will Help All

Jack “used car salesman” Layton has offered to support Paul Martin if he renegotiates the budget, more specifically remove the corporate tax cuts and invest more in education and so on. Let’s look at this logically and although the Liberals have said they will meet with and talk about the offer, will it actually keep them alive?

If the Liberals do gut the corporate tax cuts and invest in social programs (something which I doubt they will or can do) then the Tories who will not bring the government down on the budget will now do.

Stephen Harper ran out of the budget speech and announced to the world that it was a budget that they liked in some ways and that they will not bring down the government over. The Tories shot themselves in the foot when he did that since it was almost an endorsement something which they obviously did not want to do.

Thus the Tories in gutless fashion abstained on the budget speech. They did not even have the shadow cabinet vote against it in principle; they just sat in there in their seats. So when the Budget Implementation Act goes to a vote (whenever that is), Harper is forced to either abstain or vote for it because bring down the government that way would set up a perfect Liberal campaign. One in which they play ad after ad of Harper saying that he would not do this and that he actually liked the budget. He would also have every mayor in the country upset at him since it would kill the gas tax to cities provision. Also it would kill the Atlantic Accord something which he championed during the Danny Williams-Paul Martin fiasco.

BUT if Paul Martin and Ralph Goodale revise the budget to get NDP support then Stephen Harper has his excuse to vote against the budget and with the Bloc support will bring down the government. So I really ask, are the Liberals working with the NDP to keep themselves a float or allow an election in which to campaign on the theme that Tories and the Bloc are in bed with each other to defeat all these great things for Canada. Maybe it is not a bad move at all for our Prime Minister.


  • At 1:28 PM, Blogger Andynonomous said…

    I think the all the opposition parties should make a deal wherein they defeat the budget, then go the Governor General and ask that she allow them to create a caretaker government which would pass the gas tax and Atlantic accord sections of the budget on their own, after which they would immediately call an election.

  • At 1:16 PM, Blogger Jason Cherniak said…

    Thank God that's impossible. Only the PM can advise the GG.


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