Sunday, April 10, 2005

Once a Rat Always a Rat I Guess
Edmonton-Beaumont Liberal MP David Kilgour is considering jumping ship over his ‘outrage’ of the sponsorship scandal. Well David if you weren’t about to lose your seat and has not already switched sides maybe I would care. David Kilgour knows quite well that he’s about to lose his seat in Alberta (with Anne McLellan I may add) with the new poll out and things only going to get worse. Problem is Mr. Kilgour has already jumped ship once, in 1990 over his ‘outrage’ over the GST he jumped shit from the Tories to the Grits. Take note it is called political opportunism.

Recipe for a Spring Election
3 Cup of Jean Brault Testimony (bagman flavor)
2 Cup of Gomery report not out till November
1 Cup of more ad executive testimonies to come
1 ½ Cup of Liberal Premier Jean Charest unpopularity in Quebec
2 Cup of outrage over same-sex marriage legislation
1 Cup of relatively coherent Conservative message since party convention
1 teaspoon of the nickname “Mr. Dither”
½ teaspoon of non-real accomplishments of Paul Martin so far as PM

Mix ingredients in the media and add a Bloc Quebecois motion of non-confidence. Place in oven of falling Liberal poll numbers and wait 2-4 weeks. Serves 31 million.


  • At 10:46 PM, Blogger calgarygrit said…

    As a die-hard Alberta Liberal, let me just say that I certainly won't lose any tears over the defection of David Kilgour or the defeat of Anne McLellan. That duo hasn't exactly provided inspiring representation to Alberta over the years.


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