Friday, April 08, 2005

Political Briefs

Well it would appear that everything that we all assumed and read are true. Jean Brault from Groupactione admitted to the worst of what we could expect and now the game begins. But lets be honest, did anyone actually believe that he Liberals were innocent when the report came out last year? The good news (or bad news) is from yesterdays testimony the PQ were involved in some shady dealings also. I will admit though, if I was not a Liberal I might be considering switching parties. But then again, where would I go?

UK Politics
Well they are here heading to the polls in UK and it should be interesting. What is most interesting is that due to the strong concentration of Labour votes the Tories need about 7 or 8 percentage point leads in popular vote polls to win. I hope Labour wins, with a small majority or minority and thus here is a strong backlash against Blair and Gordon Brown can take over in a couple years before his political stock disappears. Who is Gordon Brown? Well think Paul Martin circa 1998 but a stronger leader.

New Pope?
Is it time for a Pope from the developing world? What do I know, I am not Roman Catholic but from an observer standpoint I hope not. The problem is the likely candidates from Africa and South America. The problem I see is that those from the developing world who are being considered are the most conservative of the candidates. The biggest sticking point is condoms, if the new Pope is from a part of the world where HIV/AIDS is a pandemic it will just make things worse in the fight against the disease.

Sudan and the ICC
This week the UN Security Council passed a resolution allowing them to refer specific individuals to the International Criminal Court. This was actually a big deal in the sense that the US did not veto the resolution due to their ongoing objections to the court. Is this actually going to make a difference in Darfur, not at all.


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