Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Say Goodbye Marlene Catterall

Even if you forget the polls the latest set of polls showing the disastrous numbers for the Liberals my local MP (well not really anymore since I have moved riding) and somehow who I have campaign for is official finished. Besides the fact that she is a nobody in Parliament, she will be facing a power player whenever the next election is. Nepean-Carleton Conservative Health Critic M.P.P. John Baird and former provincial cabinet minister (Energy I belive) will be running in the riding federally of Ottawa-West Nepean. Now Bard is a guy people love or hate but he is somebody people know for his work both in Queens Park and in the constituency. Well Marlene, say goodbye, enjoy your pension and take a good vacation because your days are winding down quickly. To be honest, I like John Baird I’d even consider voting for him if circumstances were different. I expect though Catterall will retire so she doesn’t get humiliated on E-Day.


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