Friday, April 29, 2005

So Ottawa eh?

So it looks like were going to have an election, and thus I give you my early Ottawa area predictions…

It really doesn’t matter who the Liberals throw at Ed Broadbent because he will easily be re-elected. People who are not even NDP supporters vote for Ed here, the respect this man carries is overwhelming. From what I hear, the Tories are going to push hard in this riding and have a large amount of candidates vying for the nomination. The Liberals ran last election Martin confident Richard Mahoney but he has stated he will not run again unless he has a chance in hell of winning.

Liberal MP Mauril Belanger who is the Deputy Government House Leader and Minister Responsible for Official Langauges pretty much has this riding as a lock. This is one of the safest Liberal seats in the country and he is a very popular MP in his riding.

David Mcguinty, brother of the Premier won the seat last time but will be in a dog fight to hold onto his seat this time. The NDP is not in play here but the Tories certainly are. Barry Turner former MP of Ottawa-Carleton in the mid 80’s is back and he is up against local Lawyer Allan Riddell who ran last time for the nomination.
Prediction: To Close to Call ( )

Ottawa West-Nepean
Ahhh, my old riding. Old Chrétien faithful and former Whip Marlene Catterall looks to be put out of her misery with who ever the Tories nominate in this riding. Sean Casey, a Tory staffer and candidate last year is backing John Baird who is the current Nepean-Carleton MPP and former Harris/Eves Cabinet Minister and current Health . Also in the fight for the Ed Maufouz, who I have never heard but is apparently neck in neck with Baird in party memberships sold.

Youngster Pierre Polivere beat out former Defence Minister David Pratt last year and looks to be re-elected pretty handily in this mix urban-rural riding. Unsure who the Liberals are going to run here but it really doesn’t matter.

Local backbencher and Liberal Marc Gudbout surprisingly won this riding last time against former head of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation Walter Robinson, it unsure if he can withhold a strong Tory charge this time. Robinson has said he would not run again but that was a few months ago and things could be changed. In any regard, it will be a very close fight.
Prediction: To Close to Call ( )


  • At 12:55 AM, Blogger PR said…

    Good post.

    I'm wondering if Poilivre is going to face a challenger for the nomination. Surely some established figure in the riding will take the bait.

  • At 9:50 PM, Blogger Political Nobody said…

    The Tories have protected nominations so thats not an issue.

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  • At 8:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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