Thursday, May 26, 2005

Picking Up Where Trudeau Generation Left Off

A month ago a new blog called Trudeau Generation began a ranking of Prime Ministers of Canada. Staring with the worst and moving up towards the best. Problem was, after only two Prime Ministers the blog went idle. Well, I deciding I am going to pick up he slack and finish the list off.

So far coming in at number twenty (also known as the worst Prime Minister in our history) was Sir Mackenzie Bowell and not far at nineteen was John Abbot.

So without further adieu I present to you numbers 18 through 14

Number 18- Kim Campbell

Oh Kim, even as a school trustee in Vancouver you was a huge jackass. As Prime Minister you will be remembered as the one who did not believe elections were the time to have policy discussions. As our first female Prime Minister you really mad have the population look pretty bad. Thankfully you were turfed just months after being sworn in.

Number 17-Charles Tupper

I guess Tupper’s greatest accomplishment was that he lived to be 94, and at that time that was one hell of an accomplishment. He was also wore out his welcome as Premier of Nova Scotia as he was resented by the local population for being a big supporter of John A. Macdonald’s vision for a powerful centralized government. As Prime Minister he can be remembered only for being there for a few months.

Number 16-John Turner

Kind of reminds you of Paul Martin. Highly popular but the time you got into office you are marred in controversy. At least with Turner he brought it on himself with his indulgent in patronage appointments. Thankfully for many he again only lasted a couple months (literally) and was booted out of office. He is still kicking around somewhere.

Number 15-Joe Clark

Joe who? It is funny, as a Prime Minister he was an utter failure but now he is still one of the most respected Canadians around. Still though his huge increase in fuel taxes after saying he wouldn’t raise taxes was something nobody liked. Walked himself into a non-confidence motion soon after and thanks to a few abstaining So’Creds he was defeated just over a year into his mandate.


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