Thursday, May 05, 2005

We Must Actually Learn From the Past

Today is Yom Hashoah, the day we remember those killed in the Holocaust. Over six million Jews were murdered to at the hands of the Nazis in Europe. We say to each other, that we will not forget the lives of those lost. The children, women, elderly, disabled, gypsies, and homosexuals who were slaughtered must not be forgotten. The Convention against Genocide was signed in 1948, it sets out clear obligations and duties for states in such situations but it has largely been ignored. In Rwanda, the world turned its head and in Darfur we are doing so once again. The world is allowing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, women and children to be murdered but due to geopolitics we sit and do nothing.

It is time for the world to standup and say enough. It is time for us to finally take international human rights seriously. In this Westphalia state world, sovereignty is what rules but in the push for a normative system of international law things are slowly changing, but not fast enough for those who need out help most. Today we remember those who were murdered by the Nazis and this weekend we will thank those who liberated them, but we have not learned as much as we would like to think we have. It is time to take up, it is time to act.


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