Friday, June 23, 2006

Oh Renewal

Do not get me wrong, I think the Renewal Commission in theory is a good idea, and something I support. Problem is, the way it has been created or introduced I do not. Hopefully I am wrong, and it just hasn’t really started to get moving yet but so far I am have little confidence. Jason brought up the problem of who has been selected to ‘chair’ the various policy groups. It is a cross-section of the elite of the party, and the elites of society. Too many former MPs are involved; many are part of the problem that we need a such a commission in the first place.

What exactly do these policy chairs do? What is the format? How will the grassroots be consulted? If you look at the website none of these details are listed or explained. So far I have not been invited to any meetings in Ottawa, have there even been any? Will there be any?

Liberals want to have a discussion with each other. What will the focus be of the party for this 21st century. How do we reform the internal organization of the party to meet those needs, adapt to the realities of the country and technological and communications changes? I hope I am all wrong and the commission has really yet to launch. Somehow though I believe it will be like many other ‘taskforces’ that I have seen in my lifetime. The elites write a report to themselves and nothing ever changes.