Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sorry Dion, Kennedy is New Ideas

This entire Kennedy has-no-policy/ideas wind is starting to get on my nerves. Obviously I am biased but it really makes little sense to me. Kennedy is one of the only candidates to release compressive policy papers beginning with immigration and the environment. Dion’s attack during the debate was unfair, firstly Gerard had no time to respond and secondly saying that you will extent an existing program is not really “new policy ideas”. There are a lot of candidates in the race that have actually brought forth no new ideas or even old ideas.

Now I understand where some of this line of attack on Kennedy comes from. He uses a lot of verbiage which sounds like platitudes. “Doing politics differently” and such seem like the empty rhetoric which we all have heard time and time again. But look beyond the face of the words and read into what exactly he is proposing. It is time to take the Liberals to the next level of progression. I believe we are the natural governing party, unlike some this is not because of some god given right but because of our views and policies mold best with Canadians. Gerard in my opinion is the best option to bring our party back to where it has to be.


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